Q:   Why should I use a professional locksmith company?

A:  Skilled professional locksmiths bring experience and fund of knowledge in lock, safe & security problems and are better prepared to solve security issues to your unique situation. A professional locksmith can prescribe state-of-the-art products that work, and more effective solutions in an efficient manner.


Q:   Is the “Do Not Duplicate” marking on a key enough for controlling key duplication?

A:  No. While the “Do Not Duplicate” marking on a key is usually respected, many discount stores do not. To effectively prevent unauthorized key duplication, a restricted key lock should be used.


Q:   Can a key marked “Do Not Duplicate” be copied?

A:  Yes, but with restrictions.  Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate,” “Do Not Copy,” or “Unlawful to Copy” may be duplicated only if a letter of authorization from the owner or supervisor is presented with the request for duplication. The letter should be on company letterhead and identify the key to be made, the number of keys, the person picking up the keys, and the name and number of the person writing the letter. The person picking up the keys will be required to fill out a “Request for Restricted Keys” form. We reserve the right to refuse to duplicate any key marked “Do Not Duplicate.”


Q:   The lock doesn’t lock and unlock smoothly.

A:  Check to see it the lock operates smoothly with the door open. If it does, problem is not in the lock, but rather in the alignment of the door and frame. Look for obstructions at the threshold and in the door jammed. Also check the door and frame for twists and warps. The door should completely rest against the door stop and stay there. If the door rests at the stop at the top or bottom only then the door or frame is twisted. If the door springs open then the hinges are probably binding. If you have weather-strip on the door, it could be obstructing the path of the door. Keep in mind, wooden doors and frames will warp and swell with temperature and humidity, and metal doors and frames will twist and rust with age.


Q:   I have lost my car keys.

A:  Sometimes a key code is available. You will only have access to this code if you are the original buyer of the keys. This code is typically written on the original bill of sale which you may have or the car dealership may have. Rarely, these codes are written on the cover of the owner’s manual. So check this as well. A key by code can save you money over having a key fitted to the car on-site. Expect to pay from fifteen to fifty dollars for a key by code.


Q:   What is the difference between rekey & master keying.

A:  Re-keying means adjusting the tumblers in an existing lock so that only new keys can open it.  Many people, who continue to use the same key that they received when they bought their home, have no idea of how many people such as tradesmen, neighbors and friends etcetera, who are no longer relevant, have had access to that key. Most technicians can re-key your locks and give you the security of knowing that only you and the people you trust will have access to your domain.

Master Keying means replacing a large quantity of keys for a single building or location with a single key.  Master keying enables two different and distinct keys to open one lock. Master keying regulates access to specific zones while having one master key that accesses all zones. Master keys can be supplied for all buildings such as hospitals, office buildings and residences in which there are a number of compatible locks.  Locks of the same manufacture can usually be keyed alike. Now it’s possible to re-key your home, gate, garden shed etcetera so that one key opens them all.


Q:   I can install the hardware, why not just buy it at the home center and do it myself?

A:  The question you really have to ask is what is your time and your security really worth?  Products typically sold in home stores are residential quality at best, at worst they are cheaper products meant to increase profits for the manufacturer and the retailer.  High quality goods offer characteristics such as, pick and drill resistance, access control options, protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys.


Q:   I am moving into a new home, should I rekey the locks? They seem to be working properly.

A:  The answer is YES! Everyone has someone that they trust with their house keys; this does not mean you can trust them. How many neighbors, old baby sitters, cleaning people are walking around with the key to your home? Change the locks and then give keys to people you and you alone trust.


Q:   I want all of my locks on my house to take the same key, can this be done?

A:   Yes, your locksmith can help you do this. In most cases you can keep your existing locks, you can have a locksmith code them alike. This is referred to “Keyed Alike”.  If your locks are not compatible, you may be able to use most of your locks, and need to purchase 1 or 2 to accomplish your goal. Consult with your locksmith, we can help get you on the right track, with a minimum amount of money spent.

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