Mastering the Topic of Master Keys

Whether we are talking on the residential or commercial level, the subject of keys can be a very delicate one.  There is so much aggravation, confusion, worry, and time wasted on keys because they are easily forgotten, lost, or stolen. Even fumbling through more than a couple can create utter chaos and unnecessary stress.  When it comes to anyone or anything considered “commercial,” all of these issues multiply and emotions amplify, exponentially.  The solution?  Master keys.

What is a Master Key?

The term is relatively self explanatory, in that there is a master of all keys.  In greater depth, a master key is designed and cut to open any number of lucks (which it was meant to).  In other words, there could be several, tens, or even hundreds of different rooms in a building or office that has secured by a lock with its very own, unique lock.  Each lock and therefore, room, will have its own key, which is designed to open the lock.  A master key’s architecture is cleverly designed so that one, single key, has the ability to open all of the locks.

Who Does This Benefit?

The master key is beneficial for just about anyone or any place that requires multiple locks, but individuals who are intended to have access to different places.  Schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, offices, stores, you name it, master keys are the key.  In such places, teachers, employees, and tenants may only be authorized or require access to specific rooms or offices, thus requiring each lock to be slightly different and recognize only its paired key.  On the other hand, however, custodians, administrators, security guards, landlords, and any other individual who requires or is authorized to have access to all of the areas/rooms, need only a master key

Advantages of Master Keys

There are many advantages, which can be attributed to the idea of and use of master keys.

  • Eliminates the need to carry and weed through numerous keys – one for each lock.
  • Still maintains the possibility of distinguishing and differentiating between authorized access points –  specific key for its paired lock, for those who should only have access to one or a couple of areas.
  • Allows for allocated individuals to open doors or locks, in the event a key was lost, stolen, forgotten, etc.
  • A multi-tiered system of master keys can be designed and installed, with one superior master key and the individual keys, as well as one or several more minor master keys.  This allows for “in-between” access, in the event that some individuals need access to various areas, but not to everything.
  • In the event that an individual key is lost or stolen, or in such an instance of demotion, termination, or quitting, only one lock (or a couple) need be replaced/rekeyed.
  • Reduces the need, time, and cost associated with making multiple copies of keys.
  • Improves safety and security by enabling certain individuals to have full-access.

If you believe that you, your business, or your facility would benefit from a master key system, our professional locksmiths can help you design a master key plan that meets all needs, requirements, and costs.